• Sheila Penelope Thorne

A Change of Address

I have an address after 7 weeks of hotel living, I have the keys to the new place. Does it feel like home? NO, but I  have felt “at home” this week. The laughter during and camaraderie at  dinner with a couple of colleagues from Europe felt like home. Spending time with an old friend  as we could spiraled through our past  trips around the world for work, our present lives and future plans was a homecoming. Meeting a friend for breakfast at a new place, in a new city felt as familiar and at home as anything. Coffee with my peeps, assembling  chandelier with the smart one, a text from an old boss, all felt like home. Home is defined as the place where one lives, but it’s more than that for me. At home is a feeling of something familiar, safe and happy. A big thanks to all of those who made me feel “at home” this week.

The next few months will be a transformation. Along with the new condo this week, I also got a new job. It will take some time to feel “at home” in both. Both are empty spaces. Both will have times when I know exactly what to do and a few moments when i am clueless. Neither will be perfect,both will have some mistakes. Who cares, both have tremendous opportunity that I get to shape.

I know what at homes feels like and there is no place like home.  I hear can hear the train from my new place and  smile every time. It reminds me of where I grew up.  You could hear the train and home was a place that was familiar, safe and happy. Go find your home this week.

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