• Sheila Penelope Thorne

Checked Out: To Scan or Not to Scan

Look, I am not using self check out unless there is a discount; in that case, I might consider it. I work at home on a laptop all day. When I do go out, I’m not about to make that a solitary exercise of shop, scan and bag; unless it’s financially beneficial. I remember when there was an option of self-pump or full service at the gas station. The cost of self-service per gallon was less than that of full service. Yes, retailers now realize it’s a fiscal advantage to self check out and I’m not cooperating.

It’s a question of time and money. If there is some significant reward with self-check out, I would consider it. As for time, I use my wait to check my Instagram feed, play words with friends and scan Pinterest for bathroom remodel ideas. My wait is day dream time.  At actual check out, light banter with the cashier can yield useful tips, hysterical comments or just a moment of human interaction. To self-scan or not to self-scan, is a choice. My choice for now is to enjoy the moment and wait in line.


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