• Sheila Penelope Thorne

Clean House: Love, Need or Shed?

It’s the end of the year when I start to clear out stuff. In the past, I went room to room. This year, I’m using a new strategy, purge first. I mean a serious purge of gathering all like items in one place and starting to toss stuff out. When I finally got all my books in one place, after getting over the shocked of how many I’d accumulated, I spotted duplicates and all manner of insanity. Don’t laugh, thus far this  method has helped me shed 3 huge bags of clothes, 2 bags of shoes and boots and 45 boxes of books. The luxury of storage allowed me gather, collect and neatly store items that no longer served me. As I pare down my possessions, I question, what do I really love, what do I really need and what can I shed. Just because I have the space to store it, doesn’t mean I should keep it.

With respect to storage, the human brain has a lot of storage. Current estimates say the human brain can store the contents of the entire internet. Hence, I’d say the brain gives you the luxury of storage. The thing is, you can’t purge your brain like you do your belongings and you wouldn’t want to. But, can you do a continuous conscientious clearing. Basically, keep away from bad and irritating thoughts that don’t serve you. Would you play a song you can’t stand or eat a food you don’t like if it is in your control? Then consider experimenting with your thoughts, Those you don’t need, let them pass. Your thoughts should reflect what you really love and what you really need otherwise, shed them.

Without a sense of mindfulness, your brain can clutter your thoughts which impact your actions in a myriad of unproductive, negative ways. Seriously, do you really have time for that? What do you love? What do you need? What can you shed?

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