• Sheila Penelope Thorne

Did I Stutter? Veteran’s Day, Data and Conclusions

Facts are based on data; but we don’t act on facts, we act on the conclusions drawn from those facts.  I knew my grandfather was the right age to have been in WWI. He had a tattoo of a hula dancer. I never heard him talk WWI. My conclusion was, he got a tattoo during the war, the war was awful and he never wanted to talk about it. That conclusion was wrong. Conclusions are made from facts. The facts can be correct and the conclusion can be wrong. However, if the facts are wrong — those aren’t facts, that is erroneous data.

Stuttering – Any current receptive or expressive language disorder, including but not limited to any speech impediment or stammering and stuttering of such a degree as to significantly interfere with production of speech or the ability to repeat commands.

One Veteran’s Day, I asked my mom about my grandfather and WWI. That’s when I found out my grandfather was unable to serve because he stuttered and that was part of her alarm when  started doing the same thing when I was younger. My mom explained, “He wouldn’t be able to yell the enemy is coming, get in the foxhole, danger, those things that could make the difference between life and death he would have trouble speaking, so he couldn’t serve.”

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