• Sheila Penelope Thorne

Dogs, Children and History

In a medical situation it’s important to get the facts, to know as much as possible to determine the best options for treatment. There were two doctors conferring immediately after I was injured. This was a deep cut; you’re going to stitches. That was echoed in the emergency room. We have to bring both sides together for healing. This frightens me. No, not for me, three hours, five stitches and a tetanus shot later, I’m back with an amazing community. It’s the country. There is no unified effort to bring the two side together, no plans to heal. We need to keep the facts in the forefront, determine the best options for treatment. We need closure. There will be a scar; but the alternative is an open wound will fester. Senator John Kennedy, in a Facebook post, commenting on a department of justice report on “the emails.”

The facts are out there. We will keep the out there on the path to healing. Senator, on this point I agree, the American people are smart enough to draw their own conclusion and when the time comes, they will vote with resolution. Every dog its day, what about the children?

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