• Sheila Penelope Thorne

Experts? Be Willing to Fail

The expert has failed more times than  the novice has tried. That was the caption for an Instagram post showing woman repeatedly trying a headstand and toppling over into a backbend.

A lot of adults say, I tried <fill in the blank> once, couldn’t do it and it’s just not for me. Tried once and couldn’t do it? It’s one thing to try once and hate it, but to try once and stop because you can’t do it? Consider babies learning to walk. Can you imagine this scenario?  A group of babies in strollers chatting with each other.

“Oh girl, you know I tried that walking thing the other day, I kind of stood up and then fell backwards on my diaper cushioned butt. That walking thing is just not for me, I am fine in my stroller. “

Are there places where you have chosen to be “fine in your stroller?” Did you try something once and abandon it because your couldn’t do it the first time your tried it? Is it time to rethink?

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