• Sheila Penelope Thorne

I am Different

“I’m different.

Always have been.

It took a while but I have accepted

I am a magic

not meant for everyone to understand,

so they question.

That’s ok.

I will stay in my lane being all magical and stuff.” 1

I’ve got lots of different. One is this blog. My posts are about the adventures in work. My work is not the story of someone who has “made it” featuring guidelines for success. I’m not a scholar who had done interviews about corporate situations offering advice. I write about failures, struggles and successes of my career. Unlike many, I confess to the embarrassing instances, career limiting remarks and miscellaneous professional faux pas that many have done and few will publicly admit. I am kind of an example of what not to do. This blog allows me to share those experiences so my mishap can benefit others. Last week was my 100th blog post and next month will mark two years of weekly blogging.  Thanks to all of you for letting me be myself.

1I spent 2 hours searching for the author, if any one knows, please comment.


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