• Sheila Penelope Thorne

Rainy Days, Books and Commitment

I write each week out of fear. This is the perfect day to read; it’s raining, I have hot tea and a stack of books to read. So why am I writing? I could take a break this week. With over 150 posts, surely one can be reused, or can’t I just post “on vacation?” But, I fear one week off will turn into two weeks and before I know it, my latest post will be 18 months old. I write because I fear I will lose the ability to find a topic each week. I fear I’ll lose the discipline it takes to post every Sunday by midnight.  I fear, creativity will shut down and I will miss the happiness when a reader responds and relates to something I wrote. Not writing is a failure and a sense of losing something that makes me happy. So, I guess it’s wrong for me to say I write out of fear. For now, I write out of a commitment to myself with a sense possibility and joy.  What about you? What are the things you are committed to that bring you joy? If you can’t think of anything, is it time to make a commitment to happiness and do something?

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