• Sheila Penelope Thorne

Ready, Set Go? The Case for Change

I hadn’t intentionally changed my order at Starbucks in 10 years. In March, the barista made me a vanilla latte instead of a chi tea latte and boom, for the last 6 months, my drink order has switched. Funny, it hadn’t occurred to me to try anything new. “Stuck in a rut” is defined as too fixed in one particular type of job, activity, method, etc., and needing to change.I argue that I was not really stuck in a rut with my drink order, I didn’t feel a need to change,but 10 years with the same drink order is screaming, pull me out of this rut and save me from a myopic existence. As adults, how do we know when it is  time to change, when it is time to move on?

As kids, we’re pushed to do things that are new and different to us. It’s the start of the school year, a new grade with a new teacher and new people. At university, you’re given options, take this test, and we’ll know if you’re ready for med school, law school, or grad school. There are all these things saying, you’re ready. But now what? As an adult, typically, the only time I try something new is by accident. Not the first one to yoga class, forced to try a new spot, road closed, time to find a new route.

Who tells you, you’re ready? When do you know it’s time for a new job, a new relationship, a new financial plan, etc. Is it only when things are not working you consider a change? Be cautious with “if i ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s a path to obsolescence. At the very least, there is maintenance. When was the last time you made a change, by force, by accident or by intent? Do your actions keep you comfortable or put you in the conscious pursuit of making life better?


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