• Sheila Penelope Thorne

Signs: Directionally Challenged and Blind Spots

I am directionally challenged. I google and mapquest to figure out what my destination looks like ad how to get there. Once, I noticed my chatty phone had gone unusually silent, I discovered in that 15 minutes of silence, I’d lost my signal. I now print backup directions in addition to leaving extra time and or scouting destinations ahead of time. What are the other things I screw up royally? Do I know what they are, and make provisions? I dare say you are not perfect either; what weaknesses are you aware of that you make allowances for?

Forget political correctness, i.e. directionally challenged, I have no sense of direction; I get lost. I’m more of a visual person. The problem is, once I’ve taken a few wrong turns, the wrong stuff starts to look right. We can see the blind spots in other people; weaknesses they have, but seems totally unaware of the impact for themselves or others. You, most likely, don’t like your blind spots. This week, observe and consider blind spots negative reactions or fraught situations are the results of a blind spot. If things look familiar, how do you differentiate if it’s the right way or a well worn wrong way? You know when you’re lost when trying to find a physical destination; what about everything else? Do you know how to read the signs?


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