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Tales of the Beltway: The Conways, 45 and Twitter

Really, how does this work? Is this an action thriller, dark comedy or parable of our times? Or, am I making too much of it and this is the public unraveling of a marriage? Please, I really want to know. What’s dinner like in that household. Get the TV cameras in there.

This has everything. Comedic salvos between George and his wife’s boss; tragic commentary on the state of the union versus the state of a union and the mystery of how this works. It seems deeply personal made very public. Is supper with these two dinner theater or a to do list of the kids’ activities. I’m guilty, my trashy summer read is available in 280 characters per tweet and courtesy of news op eds. It’s summer, it’s brain candy; I’m not proud, but I am hooked.


Below the Beltway

Kellyanne Conway sided with Trump over her husband, telling Politico: “He (Trump) left it alone for months out of respect for me. But you think he shouldn’t respond when somebody, a non-medical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder? You think he should just take that sitting down?”


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