• Sheila Penelope Thorne

The Black List: Shootings, Blood Pressure and Six Degrees of Separation

Law enforcement officers in the United States killed more than 1100 people in 2018, according to the Mapping Police Violence Project. Twenty-five percent of those killed were black, despite black people making up only 13 percent of the population.²

Demanding for gun control because of mass shooting? Consider this, 373 people were killed in mass shootings in the  US in 2018. The chances of being killed by a mass shooter are 1 in 876,675. The chances of being shot by the police if you are an  African American are 1 in 152,727. My chances of being shot a policeman are 6 times³ higher than my chances of being shot by a mass shooter.  We have training, drills and rules in the workplace to deal with an active shooter. To deal with police, I got nothing.

Respectfully, the police have a tough job and the vitriol towards them is unconscionable. I harbor no animosity towards law enforcement. I am relatively small, I’m a little over 5’6”, I weigh 118 pounds, and yet, I  anything I do could be perceived as a threat by police, because I have been black for most of my life. I struggle because there seems to be little alarm outside the community that this is a problem, so yes, I get an erratic reading of 167/90 because like my blood pressure this is not good. This is not normal.

¹A few hours later I was done to a more reasonable 122/73


³there are other statistical factors that can be considered whenever doing predictive and probability analysis

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