• Sheila Penelope Thorne

The Last and Delirious – Pitbull, Fireball and Tunnels

“Hey, I’m going to do my best to push you out of here, OK?”

“Uh, yes, thank you, thank you very much.”

Hence was the start of a .93 mile bumper push. There was no rehearsal, no previous experience, no instructions and yet here we were, stunt driving. It started as I was driving on the freeway and singing with Pitbull  I’m heading into a tunnel and my car is losing speed despite my me flooring it. 70mph, 40mph, 10 mph and my car stops 30 feet inside the Caldecott tunnel just as Pitfall says “Fireball” choreographed to the music, a guy jumps out of the passenger side of the car behind me. Next thing I know, it is like a fast and furious movie, the car behind me is pushing me out of the tunnel. The female driver pushing my car with her car looks as terrified as I feel.  Once out of the tunnel the guy has half his body leaning out of the passenger side window motioning to oncoming traffic to let us cross 4 lanes safely onto the side of the road.

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