• Sheila Penelope Thorne

The Thinker: Don’t Ask Me to Smile…Yet

Pop-quiz. Thus far, at any point, have you thought, well those were anonymous random people? Try this: “I hate you. You are black and female and you are going to take my job.” That was not random, that was not anonymous, that was my classmate. For 5 years, we’d been in an engineering program together. While I’d like to think anonymous did not have the facts, my classmate did. My grades were the same as his. While I’d like to think anonymous or my coworker’s father in law is uneducated, my classmate was; we were both about to receive our Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. While it is comforting to think of anonymous as jobless and bitter, my classmate had secured a job. I want to think anonymous is someone I’ll never encounter, but in truth, I already have.  Anonymous could be my former classmate.

¹This comment is in response to an article from the Herald-Sun Times and posted on the website Topix. Topix is a news community connecting people to information and discussions that matter to them in U.S. towns and cities.

²The meaning for BOUS – Balancing on Unstable Surfaces

#blackwomen #racism

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