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This Week in Balancing on Unstable Surfaces

Arghh. I have a huge project at work to finish in two weeks, I am selling a house and I’m trying to buy a house. Every time I open my mouth, there is this competition of all the things in my head trying to escape. My eyes are darting about and my conversation is punctuated with bursts of I gotta, where’s my list and oops I forgot. Thankfully, no one has been injured as my arms flail wildly in these moments of panic. My plans for the weekend were to work, pack and write.

Well, things did not go as planned. Instead of an early dinner at 6:00 with plenty of time to work that evening, I cooked and had friends over and we finished up around 1:00 am. I abandoned my plans on Saturday when there was a chance to catch up with 2 friends at breakfast. Then there was a text as I was leaving breakfast, so I spent Saturday afternoon with new friends in a beer garden and watched a patron burst spontaneously into song. If I’d stayed caught up in my crazy, I think I would have added on more crazy. Instead, I flowed with the changes, got everything done and had a great weekend and I feel more balanced now.

Physically and mentally there are parallels when you’re off balance. With your body, when you are about to fall and you do your best to stay upright and not tumble, you inevitably injure yourself more than you would have if you’d just fell. In life, there are times to loosen up a bit and flow with the changes. Be in the moment, be aware of the opportunities. In retrospect, the break was good. What are you doing now, fighting or flowing? When you’re trying to balance on unstable surfaces, sometimes the best balance comes after relaxing into what is and laughing.


Dinner is served.

Photo by Trina Morrow

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