• Sheila Penelope Thorne

To Be or not To Be …Blunt, Direct and to the Point

My current role has shown me where I am often indirect. I got a text a couple of weeks ago and a phone call and a few days later realized, I’d never answered the question I was asked. In this case the fear of embarrassment and the funniest part, was the person I would typically ask for guidance was the person who’d asked the question. Then there are times when I just don’t want the confrontation and I’m ok with that. Knowing my tendencies, there are times when in the past, I would have demurred and I push. Phrases like, “in my experience…”

This week, observe your day. There are times to be nuanced and times to be direct with communications. Consider your communications. Are you getting the results you want; are you effective? In your experience, what’s going on? What might you do differently?

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